Pudelma Pavilion


Pudelma is a large co-operation project with architects, architecture students, and engineers from the University of Columbia (New York), Oulu University and Aalto University taking part. Pudelma is a pavilion inspired by the traditions of Finnish wood-working and created as part of the European Capital of Culture Program. The structure is composed of 490 CNC shaped Kerto-Q a laminated timber beams which range from 2-6 feet in length . Originally erected in City Hall Park in Turku, Finland as a temporary installation, the pavilion has since become a permanent city landmark.

The project combines state-of-the-art computer-aided manufacturing methods as well as traditional woodworking techniques. A basic mortise and tenon joint was utilized for almost every connection. Each beam either receives or abuts to four other beams creating a highly stable weave pattern. The use of CNC fabrication resulted in extremely high tolerance, allowing the entire structure to work in compression with no glue, and minimal screws.
The woven wooden structure provided public space for various events, combining traditional wooden craft and structural knowledge with contemporary fabrication techniques.The Pudelma pavilion is constructed of nearly
500 unique pieces, and explores the combination of digital fabrication techniques and traditional Finnish wood craftsmanship. The mortise and tenon connections interlock together to form a compressible two-way pendentive dome structure. The design calls for deep members in order to create varying light conditions within the pavilion.


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